Thursday, April 12, 2012

The journey begins...

So for those who know me, you may recall kids were not part of my plan.. not that I really had a plan...go with the flow and all that. 
On our second date, Sean and I had the chat.. He asked me if I wanted kids.. Nope.. I asked him if he wanted more kids.. Nope.. Sweet, all sorted, we were on the same page. 
Ours was a short and blessed courtship to say the least. Our first date was March 13 2011, I moved in to Sean's house just 3 months later. Just as well. The weekend that I invaded (literally..I have a LOT Of stuff!), Sean flew out to Japan for work for 3 weeks. I took a pregnancy test when he was on the plane. He arrived in Okinawa to a skype call from me...howling and holding up a stick with a couple of pink lines.
Two and a half weeks later, after many sleepless nights and soul searching,   we decided fuk it, lets do it. So there I came to be, laying obliviously looking at a screen of some sort of blob, when the radiographer says to me “well thats an interesting picture”... I reply “what?”...she replies, “well there’s two!” 
And there was. 

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