Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Note to self...

Repeat after me..

Never, ever go out on an excursion without extra formula to feed starving children....

I learnt my lesson today after visiting the hospital for what I thought was just a one hour group physio class. Post class however, I was extremely lucky to get a one on one appointment with a physio to try and sort out my aching back (which has been annihilated by the dastardly duo).

I weighed up the pros and cons..

Pros - Desperately need some back relief
           Sleeping babies

Cons - Babies due for Feed with only water in my bag of tricks
Figured it was a no brainer.

Bad mistake.

I have paid for it all afternoon with a tag team of crying, screaming and hollering.

Finally, finally they are settled, on our bed, and in walks Daddy 5 minutes later who is then treated to a chorus of chit chat, smiles and giggles.

Bloody traitors.


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