Saturday, June 9, 2012

hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go..

So 4 months down the track and I'm back out doing what I do.. not that you could actually call this work...hanging out in my gorgeous little van of vintage fun and jaunting around town in my pink jallopy, op shopping to my heart's content.

It is wonderful to be back and realise that the van has been sorely missed around town, have been totally feeling the love!

With the twinnies still just wee babies, it is just not feasible to be up and away to the farmers markets around 3am so I am regrettably giving my old regular haunts of West End and Powerhouse markets a miss for the moment.

BUT while we've been AWOL, I've managed to find an amazing location for the van - Shucked Coffee House in Newstead.  Such a perfect little fit for us - the cafe if you haven't been is super cool and retro in an old warehouse hiding in behind the car yards of Newstead. On weekends, the cafe spills out into a graffiti lined laneway, the other half of the warehouse, which in wet weather (like today grrrr) is fabulous for the van - under cover yay! We are initially be fortnightly on Saturdays and Sundays from the perfectly reasonable hour of 7.30am until 1.30pm'ish.

This new venture, along with special festivals and events should keep Mum sane and in theory, work perfectly. I'm home with the twinnies during the week having all the fun and then Dad is home on the weekends with them -  as it turns out, wreaking havoc with the routine! Sleeps are out the window, feeding is haphazard, kids are bloody loco and poor Dad is stressed and half crazed himself by the time I get home - not sure if this is the relaxing family weekend he had planned!

Whilst I am relishing doing what I love again and back out having some adult conversation, I do miss them dreadfully. The highlight of my day is definitely a visit and a cuddle from the dastardly duo.. even if Florence is dressed in Hemi's pyjamas... how lucky am I that my "job" allows me such luxuries!



  1. I'm so excited that stuff like this exists in Brisbane!! I really hope to come and see the van at some stage. So it is fortnightly saturdays/sundays? When is the next date?

  2. Beth I'm so sorry, not sure how I missed your comment! We are actually down at Shucked today until 1.30pm woohoo. The next outing after that will be the 7th July @ Teneriffe Festival.. Hope to see you soon! x